3D Printing

3D Prototype Design Inc. offers rapid prototyping and 3d printing services. We have been a reliable and trusted source for those requiring 3D Printing (rapid prototyping) services in Canada since 1996. Based in Ontario, Canada, we have provided models for companies and individuals around the world earning us the reputation as a trusted and reliable RP source for many product development projects.

Strong and Durable Prototype Parts with our 3D Printing

Utilizing SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology, we are able to provide our valued customers prototypes that are very strong with different material options. The most popular of the materials available would be nylon 12, providing superior strength and durability over all other forms that 3D printing has to offer. Our SLS nylon parts in addition to be strong, also grant the ability to create parts that can be snap fit, drilled and tapped. Because of the nylon’s flexible properties, living hinges and functioning springs can also be created with ease.

Benefits of 3d printing. Courtroom Models Direct from Medical Scans.

You may be familiar with the benefits of 3d printing when it comes to industrial design projects and testing out a concept before taking it through to manufacturing however, did you know that we now utilize this same technology to create exact replica models from CT or MRI scans?

Personal injury lawyers as well as medical professionals are discovering the benefits of being able to replicate an injury direct from medical scans. Surgeons often will use 3d printing for very complex and difficult cases where the patient’s life and overall safety may be at risk. By creating a model first the surgical team can study they area to be operated on and determine the best solution or options without evasive exploratory surgery. This technology is best suited for the replicating of bone anatomy.

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In the courtroom, lawyers have also discovered how rapid prototyping can benefit their case and expedite settlements for their injured clients faster. By creating a 3d medical model that can be used for demonstrative evidence, it provides an opportunity to physically show the injury and bridge the communication gap between medical experts and trial participants. Models easily convey personal injuries or medical malpractice cases unlike anything available to date. Until now, personal injury lawyers have had to rely on interpretations of injuries through the use of medical illustrators. But with 3d printing technology, they can now have fast and durable models that accurately communicate the exact injury that anyone could understand.

Our 3d printing services

Not only do we offer fast quotes and excellent 3d printing services, we also provide superior customer service and excellence in all we offer. Many of our customers have told us that they sleep better at night knowing we are creating a prototype of their design.

3D Prototype Design would greatly welcome the opportunity to earn your business and become a part of your product development team. Please feel free to contact us at www.3dprototype.com for more information or to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!